All prices include VAT. The buyer is billed for that price as well as shipping.


Order via email with the number of the painting (eg number 1), size of canvas print (eg 60 x 60 cm) and price. If you want to buy the original painting, please write this.
If you are interested in a different size canvas print than the ones listed, please email me and I will return with a price.

Delivery and shipping:

Once your deposit is registered, I will initiate your order. Canvas prints are made according to individual order, therefore the delivery time is at least 14 days.

Canvas prints are delivered to the customer’s address on weekdays during the time 8 am – 4 pm. Unfortunately, the freight company does not contact the customer by telephone before delivery. In order to avoid in vain delivery, alternative delivery address can be written in the mail eg. workplace. The freight company requires a receipt of the person who is assigned to the consignment note / order.